Winter 2024

The Winter 2024 cover, which features an image of a robot, with dark grey metallic body, carries a red bindle on a stick. The robot has one wheel with large treads instead of legs and feet. The robot is moving away from the viewer but has turned its head towards us. It has large rectangular cyan eyes and two antennae, with golden spheres at the tips, sticking out of the sides of its head, as if ears. The background a cartoon desert, in browns and oranges. There are some fluffy clouds in the pink sky. There is a small tumbleweed beyond the robot, the left of the image. The cover says: Bindle Zine; ISSN 2994-7340; Issue #2; Wheel; Winter 2024; Free!; Featuring Long Island Writers and Artists.Our second issue of Bindle features three art pieces by Ratgrrl, curator of Muñeca Arthouse, based in Patchogue, NY. Brian and Toby Ferrari collab on a melancholy piece about a tragedy from dawn of the 20th century. Megan O’Brien captures a frog, and Will Aiello wonders, what do we do? Fred Byrnes hits us with another two-fisted poem, and Corey Monaco continues the Coterminous saga. All that and your winter animal oracle! Don’t venture out without it!

Become a contributor! We want to see your work — art, writing, tie-dye shirts, sheep shearing, whatever! — so send it on to [email protected].

You can get an absolutely free copy of our Winter 2024 issue by sending your mailing address to [email protected]. We never sell nor share your address.

A PDF version will be available soon. Thanks for your patience!