Spring 2024

Bindle Spring 2024 cover, with a hobo cat, named Barnabas J Flickwhisker, walking (on two legs) towards the left side of the reader. He has a tin pot for a hat, is carrying a bindle on a stick, has fish bones hanging from his back pocket, and is barefoot (bare-pawed). He is wearing a blue and white striped shirt, pants with patches held up by a rope, and a green jacket. He is walking in a train yard, in front of two visible train cars. The cover also has the words "Bindle Zine," and in smaller text "FREE ZINE! Issue #3 — Lid; Spring 2024; Featuring Long Island Writers and Artists." What a Spring Issue we have for you! The cunning fox is our oracle for the spring. Chris Fahey gives us a color explosion that begs dozens of interpretations.

Become a contributor! We want to see your work — art, writing, woodworking, Rainbow Brite collage, whatever! — so send it on to [email protected].

You can get an absolutely free copy of our Spring 2024 issue by entering your mailing address at bindlezine.com/subscribe/. We never sell nor share your address.

A PDF version will be available soon. Thanks for your patience!