The Winter Animal Oracle

Hare oracle card

The Hare (Gearr): Rebirth, Balance, and Intuition

The Hare, the shapeshifter, is a symbol of the moon as well as the dawn and the coming of morning’s light, adapting to the darkness, traveling to the light. The Hare can be your guide during times of change — with its knowledge of rebirth or, like the saying goes, turning lemons into lemonade.

When life has turned an unexpected corner, the Hare can show you the way through those changes. The Hare offers up an abundance of ideas to help you bring things back to the light.

Please take the time to think over how this card fits into your life, and use the knowledge it has given you. Until next season.

Awen Painted Birch Awen
beithe péinteáilte

Awen of Iolo Morganwg by Ayack - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,