un puño! knuckle sandwich

An image of a right-handed fist with the letters P-U-N-O on each finger in a pink type. The typeface appears to be something that would be used for a karate studio. The fist is translucent over a yellow background. The fist and background appear in a halftone (made up of Ben-Day dots). Under the fist there is a white burst, representing a punch. The burst explodes into various sized hearts. The words "knuckle sandwich" are written in black in a typewriter typeface. "RATGRRL." is written in black, using the same typeface as PUNO above. Also in the background there are faint white scratches of various shapes, including two thin pentagrams (5-pointed stars with interal connecting lines) at the top. The background has puffy edges and behind it there is a light blue frame.