A Poem for Hell’s Kitchen

I once sent
Jimmy Coonan
a few poems
I’d written
about Ireland
Jimmy’s in
Lewisburg Federal Pen
doing 75 years
I thought Jimmy
might enjoy the poems
Never heard from
Jimmy Coonan the
former boss
of The Westies
Hell’s Kitchen

At 24 I went
back to college
out of fear
I too could end up in prison
Although I was never
in Jimmy’s league

In college
I learned about poetry
Me, just an Irish-American
Carry on the tradition of
Seamus Heaney
William Butler Yeats
Brendan Behan
My good friend
Desmond Egan

Jimmy Coonan
he comes up
for parole
in 2032

Personally I haven’t
stolen anything since 1981
Alas, at times
whenever I see
a Brink’s armored car
I’ll think about
all that money
all that money