The Spring Animal Oracle

Fox oracle card, reversed

The Fox Sionnach (shoonach): Diplomacy, Cunning, and Wildness

The fox is cunning, and the Fox reverse represents that. When a fox is hunted for its fur, it hides away from the hunter. The fox hides when the farmer shores up the hen house and finds the fox has encroached. This season if you are feeling run down, treated unfairly, or targeted by the hunters that are your peers, listen to the fox. Lay low, focus on yourself, and what you are capable of. Remember that when the farmer has claimed victory, it is the fox who gets its prize.

Please take the time to think over how this card fits into your life, and use the knowledge it has given you.

Until next season.

Awen Painted Birch Awen
beithe péinteáilte

Awen of Iolo Morganwg by Ayack - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,