Seasons: A Primer

Summer: This season is represented by the colors red and orange and the element of fire. Summer is the time of display and of physical beauty. The beauty of the flowers we planted in the spring or our physical appearance — the beach bod. It is also a great time to display our creativity with the ideas we have planted the season before. It’s the season of physical energy, often displayed in yard work or playing sports. It’s a great time for courage, for love, and the courage to love.

Autumn: This season is represented by the color blue and the element of water. Autumn is a time of preparedness, a great time to save and store. We take the time to prepare for the winter by gathering the last of the harvests and winding down. We get ready by bringing out warmer clothes. It is a season of money and of employment, with summer vacations behind us, and we return to work, starting to save for the next summer.

Winter: This season is often represented by the colors green and brown and the element of earth. Winter is a time for meditation and self-reflection. It is the time to look to our past, and those in it, to guide our future. It is a time where we honor those ancestors who have come before us. Winter is a great time to consider changes we may want to attempt. The bear that returns to the den in Winter, emerges in the Spring, ready to engage the world.

Spring: This season is represented by the color yellow and the element of air. Spring is a time of healing, of psychic awareness, of renewal, of planting the new seeds, whether it’s a new garden or a new idea you have thought about during the winter. It is the time for purification, and the time of re-emerging to spring clean our negativity.

Final comments: I hope this quick guide will help you with future animal oracle cards that will be drawn. Because everyone’s situation and life are different, please take the time to use this reoccurring segment to see how it will best suit you.

We can learn a lot from nature if we just watch and listen.

Until next season.

Awen Painted Birch Awen
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