“Nature — A Treat”

Rising, sincerely black, out of pressed ground

Finished choice above heated rumble engines

Suitable perks slime open-space office renovation floor-plans… oh, well…

Enduring vituperations wide, heard on one cubicle square

Quaking reaper gashing forests edging the Atlantic coastal plain

Hills test treadmill physicality

Then, bending perfectly — the Appalachians

Suddenly, the thought attacks: “Why do major mountain ranges share their pulchritude?”

They are forced by wondrous natural forces, supplicating with doleful flattery

Appear before erring navies

The blasted morning occurs frequently, the flying animals shirk independently, reviving biological impulse, and cramming berries and insects

Previously, beaks could accommodate dozens of dirt-thriving creations — but no longer

Birthdays absorb flabbergasted users monopolizing rest-stop bathrooms

A funeral card, mocking your fate, was detached, and presumably discarded

Flush drinkable water and waste any remaining weight on household cacti

Rest forthwith, determined by attachment

Blow remnants on hands granted by historical carcasses, then, trail accusers commonly noticed during preventable ocean existence

Atmospheric rivers, muscling their cores as do Olympians, will form and plow into a coast — unprepared and anxious about its ability to present the population with recreational fixations and a decent waterflow

Traversing the floor, eyes flipping, hands and wrists uncomfortable, knees tapping the brain silently humming the tune to “Resist Automatic Foolishness.”