My Cousin Joe Idone

His favorite song was:
“Walk right in, sit right down,
baby let your hair grow long”
Often he’d enter a room
singing it
He had numerous nicknames:
Joe I don’t know, Pork Chops,
Snorkeroo, he smoked
more pot than
the whole Beat Generation
He played drums,
not for long
He played tennis,
not for long
Although he thought
if he played tennis
he’d get a date
with Chrissy Evert
Then there was the time,
he bought all
the current Beatles albums
Two weeks later they
were in a garbage can
That was Joe Idone
always trying something
different until it
didn’t interest him
He died at 39 in 1991
It’s 92 degrees
on a July day in 2022
I sit in a diner
an air conditioner hums
It’s cool Joe, real cool