Privacy Notice

Bindle Zine sets no cookies, does not track, sells no personal reader or user information, and only collects the incidental web data that all web servers create in serving web pages. This information may contain the browser you’re using to view the site and your IP address, which potentially can be used to get a general idea of where you were when you visited the site. We do not use any of this information, but it does exist on our web server. We use Cloudflare to protect against certain types of website attacks, and Cloudflare may use our web traffic data to prevent our site from going down. Any subscription or submission information we receive is treated as confidential and is not shared with anyone but the editorial/subscription employees, which right now is just two people, where the data are used for subscription or publishing needs.

There is one javascript we use that allows for a simple lightbox overlay when clicking on certain images. This collects no data other than the click to operate it. If other javascript load, check your browser settings – the scripts are not from this site! We use Google Fonts, which loads the fonts from Google’s servers. Other than your IP number, Google gets no other information when fetching the fonts.

We do not share any identifying information with our (potential) advertisers or sponsors. You are not our product. You are our readers and/or contributors. No one need know when you read a zine. Basically, we don’t sell out our readers or contributors.

If you have come to our site from a search engine or social media site like Facebook or Twitter, they build in tracking information in the link you used to get here. We do nothing with this information, but search engines and those social media companies know that you, specifically, visited Bindle Zine. We hope that there doesn’t come a time when visiting our site causes public embarrassment.

Subscription Data

We will never sell, share, or otherwise distribute your mailing address. We store our mailing list on one computer with two backups, and we would delete our entire mailing list rather than let any third-party access those data.

Donation Data

If you contribute to the Ko-fi fund, Ko-fi does take all sorts of information, but the only thing that ties it back to this site is if you clicked the link from here. We don’t know if you’ve clicked it. You’ll get a personal thanks from me if you contribute, but if you keep yourself anonymous, that thanks will remain on the Ko-fi site. We may use other online tools for fundraising, such as PayPal, and these tools and sites will have their own tracking methods and privacy policies. We will amend this notice to add their privacy policies.

Contributors’ Data

Contributors may request anonymity or crediting their work with a pen-name. We will not give out identifying information, unless and until the contributor requests it. If contributors want their social media accounts, online stores, email, and/or websites added to their contribution, this information will exist on our website and in that particular issue’s PDF or digital version. We may, if the contributor wishes, include biographical information on the website. This information can be accessed and used by anyone at any time, so please consider this when sending in contact or biographical information. We will gladly remove anything from our website, PDF, or digital copy if requested by the contributor, but this information may still be accessible by search engines or archival websites.

Feel free to send suggestions or ask for clarifications about any aspect of our privacy policy by emailing [email protected].

Third Party Privacy Policies