Copyright Statement

Copyrights Belong to the Creators of Work Published through Bindle Zine

Please do not copy our contributors’ work without contacting that artist or writer. If you do, you’re breaking copyright law, and we may assist the contributor in tracking down the infringing work. Our contributors are allowing Bindle to share their work, and it would be disappointing if we became a vector in copyright infringement and had to cease operations. Be kind and ask for permission to copy, and please understand if the creator of the work says “no.”

Creators May Revoke Permission to Transmit Their Work

All copyrights remain the creators’. Submitting and getting published in Bindle does not transfer copyright to Monkeyshines Media, Inc. or its directors, officers, and publisher. Any submissions that are accepted for the printed magazine and/or on the website and digital copy are treated as licensed-for-use with the creator’s permission. The creator can revoke this license at any time, and their artwork will be removed from the website and digital copy. We cannot, however, honor a revocation of the previously printed work, for fairly obvious reasons, but if there are reprints, the creator’s work will be removed.

Bindle Zine May Use Images of Published Work in Social Media or Website Teasers

We will ask permission to use creators’ work in most aspects of reproduction, including, but not limited to: advertisements, merchandise, or email. However, we may use thumbnails of pages from our zine in social media or website teasers. The cover art may be displayed prominently on the website and promotional material.

We encourage creators to be proactive with their copyright and will answer any questions about copyright/licensing sent to [email protected] or on our Discord server.

Further information on copyright and creation will be added here soon. Visit the US Copyright Office primer to learn more about your copyrights.